Teaching Opportunities in the UK for Non-UK Citizens: 2023/24 Recruitment Exercise with Visa Sponsorship


Teaching Opportunities in the UK for Non-UK Citizens: 2023/24 Recruitment Exercise with Visa Sponsorship


Are you a non-UK citizen with a passion for teaching? The United Kingdom’s Department for Education (DfE) is providing an exciting opportunity for international educators in the 2023/24 UK Teacher Recruitment exercise, complete with visa sponsorship.


We’ll dive into the details of this opportunity, including eligibility criteria, the international relocation payment (IRP), and how to apply. If you’re considering a teaching career in the UK, this is a valuable opportunity you won’t want to miss.


International Relocation Payment (IRP): £10,000 Grant


All eligible applicants will be granted a one-time payment of £10,000 by the Department for Education (DfE). This generous grant is designed to assist with the costs associated with relocating to England, which may include:


Visa Costs

Immigration Health Surcharge

Other Relocation Expenses

The best part is that this is a grant, not a loan, so you won’t have to repay it. However, it’s important to note that you can only receive the IRP once.


Application Period and Timeline


Applications for the 2023/24 UK Teacher Recruitment exercise will be accepted from 4th September to 31st October 2023. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can expect to receive the IRP by 31st January 2024.


If you miss this deadline, there will be another opportunity to apply if you secure a teaching job. Applications for teachers will reopen between January and February 2024.


Eligibility Criteria for Teachers


To qualify for the international relocation payment (IRP), you must meet all of the following requirements:

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Teaching Subjects: You must be employed by an English state secondary school for the 2023/24 academic year. Eligible subjects include:



General or combined science (with a focus on physics)

Any language (excluding English)

Subject Ratio: If you teach more than one subject, the eligible subjects must make up at least 50% of your teaching time. The Department for Education will validate this during the application process.


Contract: Your contract must be for at least one year, and your school must be a state school teaching students aged 11 to 16 or 11 to 18.


Examples of eligible teaching jobs may include:


50% modern foreign languages and 50% another subject

50% physics and 50% maths

50% general or combined science (with the physics element) and 50% maths

Please consult your school if you’re uncertain about your eligibility.


Visa Requirements


To qualify for the IRP, you must arrive in England no more than three months before your job’s start date. Ensure that you come to England on one of the specified visas, depending on your circumstances.


Non-Eligibility for Teachers


Unfortunately, some individuals are not eligible for the IRP. You are not eligible if you fall into one of the following categories:


UK citizens, including citizens of Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland

Irish citizens

Non-UK citizens who moved to England permanently more than three months before starting their job

In England on a dependant partner visa linked to a partner’s skilled worker or student visa

Teaching only English language

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Employed on a contract lasting less than one year

Employed by a recruitment agency (your contract must be directly with the school, and your salary should come from the school, not the agency)

Applying for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)


For teachers from outside the UK, obtaining Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) can significantly enhance your teaching career. While it’s not a legal requirement in some school types, having QTS makes it easier to secure teaching positions in England.


If you’re a qualified teacher from outside the UK, you can teach in England for up to four years without QTS. After that, it’s advisable to obtain QTS for better career prospects.


How to Apply for Teacher Jobs in the UK


Find a Teaching Job: Search for teaching positions in England on websites such as the UK government’s Teaching Vacancies Service or contact schools directly.


Eligibility Check: Ensure that the school you’re interested in is eligible for the IRP grant by reviewing the criteria on the UK government’s website.


Apply for the Job: When applying for a teaching position, mention your interest in the IRP grant. The school will then handle the grant application on your behalf.


Job Offer: If you receive a teaching job offer, the school will reimburse you for visa expenses, work permits, and relocation costs.


Expressing Interest in the IRP


If you’re starting a teaching job after October 2023 or have missed the 2023 deadline, you can express your interest in the IRP by emailing IRP.ExpressInterest@education.gov.uk. They will notify you when applications open in 2024.

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The UK’s Teacher Recruitment exercise offers a fantastic opportunity for non-UK citizens to pursue a teaching career in England, with financial support to facilitate the move. Don’t miss this chance to make a difference in the UK’s education system while embarking on a rewarding journey in a new cultural and educational landscape. Apply now and take the first step towards a fulfilling teaching career in the United Kingdom. Find more







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