Finding Teaching Jobs: Comprehensive Guide to Landing Your Dream Teaching Position

Finding Teaching Jobs: Comprehensive Guide to Landing Your Dream Teaching Position


Are you passionate about educating the next generation and looking for the perfect teaching job to kick-start your career? In this guide, we’ll explore various resources and strategies to help you find the ideal teaching position. From traditional job listings to modern online platforms and specialized sources, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and begin your journey to becoming an exceptional educator.

The UK offers excellent opportunities for teachers from all around the world, but finding the right job and ensuring visa sponsorship can be challenging. We’ll guide you through the top job sites where you can search for teaching positions in the UK while keeping an eye out for visa sponsorship and salary thresholds. Let’s dive into the details.


  1. Government Teaching Vacancies

One of the most reliable sources for teaching jobs in the UK is the GOV—UK website. Schools can advertise their vacancies for free, making it a go-to resource for job seekers. The platform is increasingly popular among schools, ensuring a wide array of opportunities.


  1. ETeach

ETeach is a hub for teaching vacancies, offering many job listings and a job alert service. They also manage a recruitment agency that caters to permanent, temporary, and supply teaching positions. It’s a one-stop destination for those seeking teaching opportunities.


  1. Tes Jobs and The Guardian Jobs

Both Tes Jobs and The Guardian Jobs provide job alert services through email notifications and allow you to upload your CV or create a profile. These platforms offer convenience and visibility for your job search.


  1. Cultural or Religious Newspapers

Consider looking into cultural or religious newspapers, especially if you’re interested in faith-based schools. These publications often carry advertisements for teaching positions that might align with your values and beliefs.


  1. School Groups and Recruitment Agencies

School groups, particularly those running academies and free schools, typically advertise opportunities on their websites. Look out for them on platforms like Tes. Additionally, various recruitment agencies specialize in helping Early Career Teachers (ECTs) find permanent, temporary, or supply jobs. Prominent agencies include Hays Education, Eteach, CER, and FE Jobs.

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  1. University Resources

Your university’s career services or education department may have an online jobs board that lists teaching positions. They can also provide guidance on local sources of opportunities, ensuring you don’t miss out on any potential job leads.


  1. Teaching Fairs

Teaching fairs are held nationwide, often on university campuses, and are attended by local authorities, recruitment agencies, teaching unions, and schools. These events are excellent opportunities to network and explore job options.


  1. Networking

Stay in touch with the schools where you’ve trained or worked as a volunteer. Networking can often lead to unadvertised job openings and recommendations from educators who know your capabilities.


The Teacher Recruitment Timetable

Understanding the recruitment timeline is crucial:


Autumn term: Research recruitment approaches for local authorities and attend university recruitment fairs.

December and January: Local authorities advertise pool vacancies, and schools start directly advertising positions in January.

January to May: This is the busiest period for recruitment, with most ECT suitable positions advertised. Register with websites and databases to stay updated on the latest opportunities.

31 May: This is the final date for teachers leaving their jobs in the summer to resign, leading to a surge in job openings.

Summer: Consider registering with an agency for supply work, as ECTs can complete their year through long-term supply contracts.

Independent and Overseas Schools

Keep in mind that independent and overseas schools may advertise teaching positions at any time of the year. Be on the lookout for openings and apply promptly when they align with your preferences and qualifications.


Finding Teaching Jobs in Independent Schools

Independent school vacancies can be found in the same places as other teaching positions. Additionally, check out the Independent Schools Council (ISC) and The Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS) for valuable information about independent schools in your area.


Jobs for Early Years Teachers

If you’re an early years teacher with Early Years Teacher Status (EYTS), your potential employers include:


Private, voluntary, and independent nurseries.

Children’s centers.

Free schools, academies, and independent schools deliver the early years foundation stage.

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State-funded nurseries or primary schools’ reception classes, where you’ll work alongside staff with qualified teacher status.

Vacancies for early years teachers can be found on platforms like Nursery World jobs, Tes Jobs,, and education sector-focused recruitment agencies like Hays Education and Randstad Education. These sources offer part-time, full-time, temporary, and permanent contract opportunities.


Teaching Jobs within Further Education

For those interested in further education, you can find vacancies on websites like FE Jobs,, FE Careers, and AoC Jobs. Learn more


Top Job Sites for Finding Teaching Jobs in the UK

Tes is a premier platform for teaching, lecturing, and education jobs in the UK. It’s a fantastic resource if you’re seeking teaching roles. You can easily search for positions, such as primary teacher, and view job listings with detailed information about salaries and requirements. Look out for positions that explicitly mention tier two visa sponsorship or certificate sponsorship.


Gov. uk

The official website of the UK government is an excellent place to find teaching job vacancies. You can visit the Teaching Vacancies section, where you can create an account, save job listings, and apply for positions in schools across the UK. One advantage is that you can trust the legitimacy of job postings on this government website.



While Google might lead you to various job listings, it’s essential to be cautious as scammers can sometimes post fraudulent vacancies. Use specific search terms like “teaching jobs in the UK with Visa sponsorship” to narrow down your results. It’s a valuable tool, but always verify the authenticity of the job postings.



Indeed is a popular job search engine where you can find teaching positions with detailed information about salaries. Search for your desired job title and location. Like other job sites, check for positions that meet the minimum salary threshold and offer visa sponsorship. allows you to search for teaching jobs by job title or location. It’s an excellent resource for finding teaching roles tailored to your preferences. You can also upload your CV for recruiters to find you, increasing your chances of landing a job.

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eTeach offers over 3,530 teaching and education job listings in the UK. You can search by job role, location, subjects, institutions, or phase. Make sure to pay attention to job requirements and qualifications.


The Guardian Jobs

The Guardian Jobs provides a wide range of job listings across various professions, including teaching. You can set up job alerts to stay informed about new teaching opportunities. Don’t forget to specify your preferences to receive relevant job notifications.



Hays offers both general and education-specific job listings. Make sure to navigate to the education section to find teaching roles. You can search for jobs by job title and location.


Total Jobs

Total Jobs is a versatile job search platform where you can find teaching jobs among many other professions. Look for positions that meet your visa and salary criteria. Search by job type, location, and sector to refine your results.


CER Education

CER Education provides another avenue for finding teaching jobs in the UK. Their platform allows you to search for jobs based on location, job type, and sector. Be prepared to be flexible with locations to increase your chances of landing a teaching position.


Finding a teaching job in the UK with visa sponsorship can be a rewarding experience, but it requires careful research and the use of the right job search platforms. The job sites mentioned in this post are valuable resources for your job hunt. Remember to focus on positions that meet the minimum salary threshold and offer sponsorship.

The world of teaching offers a multitude of opportunities, and with the right strategy and resources, you can embark on a fulfilling career. Use these diverse sources and the knowledge of the teacher recruitment timeline to navigate your path toward landing your dream teaching job. Remember that persistence and networking can be your keys to success in the competitive field of education.

Best of luck in your job search, and we hope to hear your success story soon!





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