The Global Talent Stream: Fast-Track Immigration to Canada

The Global Talent Stream: Fast-Track Immigration to Canada


Are you dreaming of starting a new life in Canada with your family? Imagine securing a job offer and being on Canadian soil within 30 days. We will unveil an exciting pathway to make this dream a reality. Welcome to the Global Talent Stream (GTS), a Canadian immigration program that opens doors for skilled individuals to immigrate to Canada in record time. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the GTS program, its benefits, eligibility criteria, and how to make it work for you and your loved ones.


In 2021, Canada welcomed approximately 5,000 skilled workers through the Global Talent Stream (GTS), a remarkable program that stands as a testament to Canada’s commitment to harnessing the expertise of highly skilled professionals worldwild. Here, we’ll delve into the specifics of the Global Talent Stream and how it serves as an expedited pathway for skilled foreign workers seeking opportunities in Canada.


What is the Global Talent Stream?

The Global Talent Stream, often referred to as GTS, is an integral component of Canada’s Global Skills Strategy. This innovative immigration program enables Canadian employers to streamline the hiring of foreign workers for specialized occupations. When suitable Canadian candidates are unavailable for specific roles, GTS offers a swift and efficient solution to fill these gaps.


GTS’s primary goal is to process work permit applications within a mere two weeks, making it the fastest immigration channel for eligible individuals who aspire to begin a new chapter in Canada.


Why Canada Needs the Global Talent Stream

With Canada experiencing its highest job vacancy rate in decades, immigration is a vital component of its economic prosperity. The Global Talent Stream serves as one of the crucial avenues through which Canada welcomes foreign workers to meet the demands of its thriving job market.


Moreover, GTS bolsters Canada’s competitiveness on the global stage, particularly in contrast to the United States. In recent years, the U.S. has tightened its immigration policies for the H-1B visa program, similar to the Global Talent Stream. These restrictions, coupled with Canada’s more relaxed immigration requirements and abundant job opportunities, have enticed many skilled workers to choose Canada over the U.S., resulting in what has been termed “Canada’s brain gain.”


Additionally, the Global Talent Stream offers a unique advantage over the H-1B program: spouses and partners of GTS applicants heading to Canada can obtain open work permits, granting them the flexibility to work for any employer and switch jobs as desired. This

is in stark contrast to the challenges spouses and partners of H-1B workers often face when seeking the right to work in the U.S.



The Global Talent Stream: Your Fast-Track to Canada

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The Global Talent Stream is a government-initiated program designed to facilitate the swift entry of highly skilled professionals into Canada. The standout feature of this program is that it provides employer-specific work permits, meaning your work permit is closely tied to the employer who extends you a job offer.


Benefits of the Global Talent Stream:

Here are some compelling advantages of the GTS program that make it an enticing option for prospective immigrants:


No Proof of Funds: You won’t have to worry about demonstrating your financial status.


No Age Limits: Regardless of age, you can pursue this opportunity.


No Educational Credential Assessments (ECA): You won’t be required to have your educational credentials validated.


No Language Test (IELTS): There’s no language proficiency test to contend with.


No Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA): Instead, there’s the Labour Market Benefits Plan (LMBP), a more streamlined process.


Family Inclusion: You can bring your immediate family; spouse and children.


Path to Permanent Residence: After one year of working for your Canadian employer, you can apply for permanent residence through the Canadian Experience Class.


Salary-Based Requirement: For eligibility, you’ll need a job offer with a minimum annual salary of $80,000.


Expedited Processing: Visa applications are typically approved within just 14 days, meaning you can start your Canadian journey in a mere two weeks.


Employer Pays for LMBP: Your employer covers the $1,000 cost of the Labor Market Benefits Plan.


How the GTS Works for Employers

GTS, like other Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) streams, employs Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIAs) to determine whether Canadian employers can hire foreign workers. An LMIA evaluates whether a Canadian worker can fill a particular job role. A positive LMIA implies that there are no suitable Canadian candidates, allowing employers to hire foreign workers.


GTS streamlines the LMIA process, eliminating many of its time-consuming steps. This acceleration ensures Canadian employers can compete effectively in the global job market by swiftly bringing in the required skilled talent.


The GTS vs. LMIA: Why Employers Prefer It

Employers in Canada favor the GTS program for several reasons, making it a more straightforward and efficient option compared to the traditional Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA):


Simplified Application Process: The GTS program requires less documentation and time than LMIA, making it an attractive choice for employers.


Reduced Processing Time: The GTS program typically takes just 14 days from job offer to visa approval, offering a faster turnaround time for employers.


Focusing on Benefits: Instead of proving a shortage of Canadian workers, the LMBP focuses on the benefits that hiring a foreign worker will bring to Canada.


Eligibility and Requirements:

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To qualify for the GTS program, you must meet specific criteria, varying depending on whether you are in Category A or B.


For Category A:


Designated Partner Referral: Employers in this category must be referred by one of the Global Talent Stream’s designated partner organizations. They must also be hiring unique and specialized talent. The employee being hired should receive a minimum annual salary of CAD 80,000 or higher, or an amount exceeding the prevailing wage for the occupation. The employee should also demonstrate advanced knowledge of the industry through advanced degrees or at least five years of experience in a specialized position. Here is a breakdown of it:


  • Your employer must be referred by a designated partner.
  • You must receive a job offer with an annual salary of at least $80,000.
  • Advanced experience or skills in your profession are essential.
  • An advanced degree or a minimum of five years of work experience in your field is required.


For Category B:


In-Demand Occupation: Employers in this category hire for positions listed on the Global Talent Occupations List, which comprises high-skilled, in-demand roles. The salary must meet or exceed the prevailing wage for the position.


  • No referral from a designated partner is necessary.
  • You must have experience in targeted tech jobs.
  • Your wage must align with the IRCC website’s guidelines.


The application process involves providing details about the employer, foreign worker, and the job offer, including compensation and benefits information. Employers must also submit a Labour Market Benefits Plan that highlights how they will contribute to the Canadian labor market. This includes a mandatory benefit and two complementary benefits from a specified list.


Employers are required to pay a processing fee of CAD 1,000 for each foreign worker they wish to hire. GTS applications are usually processed within 10 business days, with expedited work permit processing, averaging 10 business days.


Employers in Quebec

Quebec-based employers must also apply to Quebec’s immigration authorities, as Quebec collaboratively manages immigration applications with the federal government.


How the Global Talent Stream Works for Foreign Workers

Foreign workers cannot directly apply for the Global Talent Stream. Only Canadian employers can submit applications to GTS, listing the foreign workers they intend to hire. Therefore, foreign workers aiming to secure a Global Talent Stream work permit must first secure a job offer from a qualified Canadian employer.


As discussed earlier, Canadian employers can apply to two categories within the Global Talent Stream. If you believe you meet the conditions for one of these categories, your next step is to secure a job offer. You can expand your job search by networking and exploring positions on the Moving2Canada Jobs Board and the Government of Canada’s Job Bank database.

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Once you secure a job offer, your potential employer will apply on your behalf, including your information. Successful applications result in a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), enabling you to apply for a Canadian work permit, which is processed in approximately 10 business days.


It’s important to note that while the Global Talent Stream offers temporary work permits, lasting up to three years, it serves as an excellent pathway to Canadian permanent immigration. Many Canadian immigration programs require a year of Canadian work experience, making the Global Talent Stream a strategic choice for those looking to establish themselves in Canada for the long term.


Canada is on track to welcome over 1.3 million new immigrants between 2022 and 2024, with a significant focus on economic streams. Young, highly skilled workers with Canadian experience are prioritized for permanent immigration, and participation in the Global Talent Stream can be a smart way to position yourself for a future in Canada.


For further insights into the Canadian immigration process, be sure to register for a Moving2Canada account, where you’ll receive our Getting Started Guide and regular updates on important changes to Canadian immigration programs.


Finding GTS-Eligible Jobs:

You can search for GTS-eligible jobs on various platforms, including the Canada Job Bank, Monster, LinkedIn,, Randstad, and Glassdoor. The Canada Job Bank is particularly recommended as it is the official portal for Canadian government job listings.


Application Process:

Here’s a brief overview of the application process:


Apply online through job portals to secure a job offer.

Your employer applies, including your details and the Labor Market Benefits Plan.

Once approved, you can apply for your visa.

Visa applications are typically approved within 14 days, after which you and your family can make your way to Canada. Learn more



The Global Talent Stream offers a remarkable opportunity to achieve your Canadian dream in record time. With its numerous benefits and streamlined processes, it stands as one of the fastest and most accessible pathways to living and working in Canada. So, if you’re eager to start a new chapter in the Great White North, the GTS program could be your key to unlocking the door to your Canadian future.

It is also a beacon of hope for highly skilled workers worldwide who dream of pursuing their careers in Canada. This streamlined immigration program not only benefits the Canadian economy but also offers a promising future for foreign workers seeking to make Canada their home. Whether you’re an employer or a foreign worker, the Global Talent Stream opens doors to new opportunities in the Great White North.









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