Fully Funded Education in the USA: The Boston University Trustee Scholarship

Fully Funded Education in the USA: The Boston University Trustee Scholarship


Are you considering pursuing your higher education for free in the United States?  In this article, we’ll delve into an exceptional opportunity – the Boston University Trustee Scholarship. This prestigious scholarship doesn’t cover your tuition fees alone but also includes mandatory student fees. What’s more, it offers you a chance to immerse yourself in American culture during your three to four years of study. We’ll provide you with all the information you need to get started, including eligibility criteria and a step-by-step application process.


We’re excited to introduce you to an incredible scholarship opportunity – the fully funded undergraduate scholarship known as the Boston University Trustee Scholarship. Each year, Boston University welcomes approximately 20 outstanding students into the Trustee Scholars Program, and this year, you could be one of them!


The Boston University Trustee Scholarship not only covers full undergraduate tuition but also includes mandatory undergraduate student fees. Furthermore, it is renewable for years, provided you meet specific criteria. This means you have the chance to reapply for the scholarship after your first year.


How to Apply


To be considered for this scholarship, follow these steps:


Submit the Common Application and all required materials for admission to one of Boston University’s undergraduate degree programs by December 1st.

Complete the Trustee Scholarship essay on the Common Application. You must choose one of the two provided prompts and write an essay of 600 words or less as part of your application.

The two essay prompts are as follows:


“Nobel laureate and Boston University Professor Elie Wiesel once said…” (Proceed with the essay based on your chosen prompt.)


“Describe a time when you felt out of your comfort zone or marginalized in a situation. How did you respond to that moment, and how has it informed your actions moving forward?”


International Students’ Application Checklist


If you’re an international student applying for the Boston University Trustee Scholarship, you’ll need to prepare the following credentials:


Common Application (as mentioned earlier)

Secondary school records, including senior year grades

Counselor recommendation and school report form

Teacher evaluation

English proficiency testing results

Documentation of financial support

Copy of the data page of your passport

Standardized test scores (optional)


Secondary School Records


For students applying from West Africa, this corresponds to your WAEC result. For applicants from other parts of the world, a list of countries and their specific requirements is provided. If your country isn’t listed, be sure to contact Boston University for clarification.

You will need to send original or certified copies of your home country’s credentials as part of your application. Please refer to our Secondary School Credentials page to find the admission requirements for the country (or countries) in which you studied. You must also submit a copy of any terminating or qualifying examination results or certificates.

All documents written in a world language must be accompanied by a notarized English translation. Please note that both documents are required—the original in your first language and the English translation.


English Proficiency Testing Results


International students are required to provide proof of English proficiency. Several testing options are available, such as TOEFL iBT, IELTS, Duolingo English Test (DET), and more. Competitive applicants often achieve total scores of at least 120 to 130 on these tests.

If your first language is not English, you must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet Based Test (TOEFL iBT), International English Language Testing System (IELTS), or the Duolingo English Test (DET). If English is your first language, but you speak another language at home, you may consider submitting English proficiency results to demonstrate fluency.

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Duolingo English Test (DET)

Duolingo English Test website


BU accepts results from the Duolingo English Test (DET) as evidence of English proficiency, which combines an English proficiency test with a brief video interview. Students who are most competitive for admission will have a total score of at least 120-130. Please note that BU requires both the total score and all subscores of the test. We will review your subscores for consistency within each subject area.


Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-Based Test (TOEFL IBT Requirements)


Boston University seeks students with a strong command of the English language, and for this reason, they set specific TOEFL iBT requirements for admission. To be competitive, applicants should aim for a composite score of at least 90-100 and a minimum score of 20 in each section. The Admissions Board closely evaluates scores for each section and looks for consistency across all subscores within each language proficiency test. To ensure your TOEFL results are sent to Boston University, use the institution code 3087 on your TOEFL registration form.


For in-person TOEFL iBT testing in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and US Territories, you can contact 877-863-3546. For testing in other countries, call 609-771-7100. It’s important to note that Boston University accepts the TOEFL iBT in both the in-person format and the TOEFL iBT Home Edition. However, they cannot accept the IELTS Indicator, TOEFL ITP Plus, and TOEFL Essentials exams at this time.


For further information or inquiries related to TOEFL, you can visit the official TOEFL website or reach out to them via email at toefl@ets.org


International English Language Testing System (IELTS Requirements)


In addition to the TOEFL IBT, Boston University also accepts IELTS results as proof of English proficiency. To meet BU’s English language proficiency requirement for all programs, a total/overall IELTS score of 7 or higher is necessary. Boston University will also review component scores to ensure consistency within each subject area. To submit your official IELTS results directly from the testing service, provide them with the following information:


Account Name: Boston University Undergraduate Admissions

Address: 881 Commonwealth Avenue, 6th Floor

City: Boston

State: MA

Zip code: 02215

As with TOEFL, Boston University accepts the IELTS results from the standard in-person test. However, they cannot accept the IELTS Indicator, TOEFL ITP Plus, or TOEFL Essentials exams at this time.


For more information on IELTS, please refer to the official IELTS website.


English Proficiency Waiver Request


For some applicants, there may be an opportunity to request a waiver of the English proficiency requirement. These requests must be submitted by the application deadline and should accompany a complete application. The decision to waive the English proficiency requirement rests with the Board of Admissions. To initiate a waiver request, complete the English Proficiency Waiver Request Form.


Additional Recommendations


In addition to standardized test scores like TOEFL iBT and IELTS, Boston University recommends scheduling an optional interview with InitialView or Vericant as another way to demonstrate your English language proficiency. It’s essential to note that, while interviews can be beneficial, submitting TOEFL iBT, IELTS, or Duolingo English Test results remains a requirement for all applicants.


Documentation of Financial Support

All students who will be studying on an F-1 Student Visa or J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa are required to submit financial documentation and we recommend submitting these items along with your application. Complete the Confidential Statement for Financing Studies & Sponsorship Support Confirmation and submit documents confirming available funds for the annual costs of study (such as savings deposits, checking accounts, or a signed bank letter verifying the ability to pay educational expenses). All documented sources of support must be:

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current (within 12 months of starting date at Boston University)

written in English

signed and stamped by a bank official

You may submit these materials as PDFs with your Common Application. On the My Colleges tab, select Boston University. You will find the link to upload your documents in the Other Information section of the Application Questions. Make sure your documents are less than 500 MB in size.


You may also upload these documents and view a comprehensive list of all required, received, and uploaded materials for your application in the MyBU Applicant Portal under the “Application Status” page. The MyBU Applicant Portal opens to applicants in early October each year.


Be sure to keep copies of all documents sent to the University. You will need this information for:


  • Getting a student visa from the US Consulate
  • US Customs and Border Protection upon entry to the United States
  • Transferring from another US school.


Students applying for Early Decision are required to submit their financial documentation by the application deadline. Please note that the Board of Admissions will not be able to proceed with an academic review of your application without the above documents.


Copy of Data Page of Passport

All international students must supply a photocopy of the photo/data page of their current, valid passport. This can be uploaded via the Common Application, uploaded to the MyBU Applicant Portal under the “Application Status” page, or faxed to 617-353-5334. PDF is our required file format.



Standardized Tests

Boston University is test optional for first-year applicants applying for fall 2023/spring 2024.


This policy applies to all undergraduate schools and colleges at Boston University as well as all scholarship programs.

International students will be required to submit the TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo English Test as the primary means for evaluating English-language proficiency.

Prospective students and applicants must decide for themselves whether or not to include standardized test scores with their application for admission to Boston University. When making this decision, we ask students to consider the totality of their academic record, their contributions both in and out of the classroom and to their communities, and whether they feel confident that the sum of these experiences fully reflects their academic ability and potential.


Students can indicate whether they would like us to consider their standardized test scores when they apply. Once you have submitted your application, this answer cannot be changed.


If you would like your standardized test scores considered:


Boston University accepts self-reported standardized test scores on your application. You may also submit your official test scores via the testing agency, or through the self-report form on the MyBU Applicant Portal.


Please note: If you submit self-reported standardized test scores, an official score report from the testing agency will be required before enrolling at Boston University. If there are discrepancies between self-reported and official standardized test scores, your enrollment at Boston University may be rescinded.


When sending official scores, the BU codes are:

SAT: 3087

ACT: 1794


BU superstores both the SAT and ACT. To take advantage of superscoring, we recommend including all your test scores if you take more than one test or take a test multiple times. For both the SAT and ACT, BU uses the highest score of each section, regardless of test date, to best represent you as an applicant.

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If you’ve taken the SAT more than once, you can select which results you want to send to us using Score Choice. We only consider the highest SAT scores submitted.

For the ACT, we recalculated a new composite score using the highest score from each section, regardless of the test date.


Boston University Colleges and Courses


Boston University offers a wide range of undergraduate courses across various colleges, including:


College of Arts and Sciences

College of Communication

College of Engineering

College of Fine Arts

College of General Studies

Explore the courses offered by each college and select the one that aligns with your interests and academic goals. You can apply for the Trustee Scholarship within your chosen college.


Maximizing Your Scholarship and Financial Aid at Boston University

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Receiving need-based financial aid from Boston University is a straightforward process. To get started, you need to submit both the CSS Profile™ and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). These forms are essential in determining your “expected family contribution,” which plays a pivotal role in determining the level of financial assistance you’ll receive.


Don’t fret; we have you covered with some essential tips for completing these forms accurately to maximize your chances of securing financial aid.


Application Steps:


Mark Your Calendars: Keep an eye on all the relevant deadlines to ensure you submit your forms promptly.

Submit the FAFSA: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is your first step in the financial aid application process.

Submit the CSS Profile: The CSS Profile provides additional information that helps BU understand your financial needs more comprehensively.

CSS Profile Waiver Request: If obtaining a Profile from your noncustodial parent is impossible, don’t worry. You can upload a CSS Profile Waiver Request to the MyBU Applicant Portal.

Stay Informed: Regularly check your MyBU Applicant Portal “Application Status” page and your email for any requests for additional information.


BU Meets Your Full Financial Need

At BU, we understand the importance of reducing the financial burden on our students and their families. Through the affordable BU initiative, Boston University is committed to meeting 100% of the demonstrated financial need for admitted, first-year students who are US citizens or permanent residents. We offer expanded financial aid packages to bridge the gap between the cost of attendance and what you can afford.



Need-Based Scholarships

Boston University’s need-based scholarships are awarded based on a combination of demonstrated financial need and academic merit. To apply, you must complete the two financial aid forms mentioned above, as they determine your financial aid need for need-based grants and scholarships. We strongly encourage all students and families to apply, even if you are unsure of your eligibility.


Exploring Additional Financial Aid Options

In addition to BU’s need-based scholarships, there are numerous other financial aid opportunities available to those who apply and qualify. You’ll find options such as federal grants, state grants, federal student loans, and federal work-study awards. BU is dedicated to ensuring that you have access to various avenues for financial support during your academic journey.


Note to International Students

While need-based financial aid from BU is not currently available to international students, there are still opportunities for financial assistance. International students may be eligible for select merit scholarships offered by BU.

Maximize your financial aid and scholarship opportunities at Boston University, and let us help you achieve your academic dreams without the overwhelming burden of financial stress. We’re here to support your journey toward a brighter future.





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