Part-Time Admin Assistant Jobs in Singapore

Unlock Your Career Potential: Part-Time Admin Assistant Jobs in Singapore

Are you ready to embark on a dynamic career path in a customer-focused environment? SG Car Choice Pte. Ltd., a renowned automotive dealership based in Singapore, is expanding its team and currently seeking a meticulous and structured individual for the role of Part-Time Administrative Assistant. This position is perfect for those looking to gain valuable administrative experience while enjoying the flexibility of part-time work.

Car Choice Singapore aims to inspire the world by showing that it is possible to simultaneously drive happiness to customers, staff, business partners, shareholders, and the community in a long-term, sustainable way – at every milestone, together.


Details About Part-Time Admin Assistant Jobs in Singapore

  • Job Title: Part-Time Admin Assistant Jobs in Singapore
  • Company: SG Car Choice Pte. Ltd.
  • Job Type: Part-Time
  • Salary: SGD$2150.00 – SGD$3550.00 Per Month
  • Country: Singapore
  • Work Experience: 1-2 years of experience in the relevant field
  • Education & Qualification: Bachelor’s degree/High School/Secondary


Key Responsibilities and Duties

  • Data Entry: Precision and timeliness in inputting data into the organization’s databases and systems.
  • Document Management: Organizing and maintaining physical and digital files to ensure accurate documentation.
  • Customer Correspondence: Providing support in managing customer inquiries and correspondence across multiple communication channels.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Coordinating and scheduling internal and customer meetings.
  • Administrative Support: Assisting multiple departments with general administrative tasks.
  • Office Organization: Maintaining a tidy and well-organized office environment.



  • No Experience Necessary: Comprehensive on-the-job training provided.
  • Organizational Skills: Proficiency in multitasking and organizational capabilities.
  • Communication Skills: Strong written and verbal communication skills for effective engagement.
  • Tech Proficiency: Basic knowledge of office software (e.g., Microsoft Office) and a willingness to learn new systems.
  • Reliability: Punctual and dedicated to adhering to designated work hours.
  • Positive Attitude: Proactive and optimistic approach to work.
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Benefits of Part-Time Admin Assistant Jobs in Singapore

    • Adaptable Skill Set: As administrative assistants, individuals acquire a diverse set of skills, including office administration, effective communication, organizational prowess, time management, and proficiency in computer applications. These skills are versatile and can be seamlessly transferred to various roles and industries.


    • Job Security: Administrative assistants are integral team members in a wide range of businesses, ensuring a consistent demand for competent professionals in these roles.


    • Competitive Compensation: Typically, administrative assistants receive competitive compensation packages, encompassing benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. Salaries may vary based on location and industry.


    • Career Progression: Administrative assistant roles can serve as a launching pad for advancement into higher-level positions in office management, executive assistance, and diverse fields such as human resources, project management, and event coordination.


    • Networking Opportunities: Engaging with colleagues, clients, and higher-level professionals allows administrative assistants to build extensive professional networks, paving the way for future career growth.


    • Diverse Industry Presence: Administrative assistant positions are prevalent in virtually every industry, providing the flexibility to choose an environment aligning with individual interests and career goals.


    • Problem-Solving Aptitude: Administrative assistants frequently tackle challenges, make decisions, and navigate unforeseen circumstances, fostering the development of robust problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.


    • Contribution to Productivity: Playing a pivotal role in streamlining operations, managing schedules, and ensuring office efficiency, administrative assistants significantly contribute to increased productivity.


    • Educational Exposure: Administrative assistants have the opportunity to learn about an organization’s products, services, and processes, gaining a deeper understanding of its operational intricacies.


    • Work-Life Harmony: Many administrative assistant roles offer regular hours and a predictable work schedule, fostering a healthy work-life balance.


    • Personal Development: Over time, administrative assistants cultivate self-confidence, adaptability, and a sense of professionalism, enhancing both personal growth and career prospects.


    • Diverse Responsibilities: Administrative assistants often handle a broad spectrum of tasks, from managing calendars and handling correspondence to organizing meetings and maintaining records, ensuring a dynamic and engaging work experience.


    • Adaptability: Some administrative assistant positions provide flexibility in terms of work location (remote or in-office) and working arrangements, catering to those who value a balanced work-life dynamic.


More Information

People Also Ask:

What is the work of an admin assistant?

Administrative assistants play a crucial role in organizing, managing, and keeping an office running. Responsibilities include clerical and organizational tasks like file organizing, scheduling appointments, and assisting.

Can you apply for administrative assistant without experience?

Yes, entry-level administrative assistant jobs are often adaptable on the job, requiring no prior work experience. Demonstrating interaction, research, scheduling, company, and office management abilities is essential.

Is administrative assistant a good career path?

Absolutely! Administrative assistant jobs are highly suitable for high school graduates looking to enter the workforce immediately. They offer a promising career path without the need for extensive education.






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