Comprehensive Guide to the New Zealand Accredited Employer Work Visa

Comprehensive Guide to the New Zealand Accredited Employer Work Visa

Are you considering working in New Zealand and have a job offer from an accredited employer? If so, the Accredited Employer Work visa might be the right choice for you. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the ins and outs of this temporary work visa, including eligibility requirements, required documents, application process, fees, and more. Read on to discover everything you need to know about the New Zealand Accredited Employer Work visa.


What is the New Zealand Accredited Employer Work Visa?

The Accredited Employer Work Visa is a unique initiative by the New Zealand government aimed at individuals with job offers from accredited employers. Accredited employers are organizations in New Zealand with the authority to sponsor overseas applicants like you. But what sets this visa apart is how accessible it is. We’ll guide you through the entire process – from eligibility and application to the benefits and cost.


Eligibility Requirements for an NZ Accredited Employer Work Visa

To apply for the Accredited Employer Work visa, you must meet several eligibility requirements, including:


Good Character: You must have a clean criminal record and be of good character.


Good Health: You must be in good health and provide a medical certificate if required.


Job Offer: You must have a job offer from an accredited employer in New Zealand.


Qualifications: You should have the qualifications and skills necessary to perform the job you’ve been offered.


No New Zealanders Available: There should be no New Zealanders available to perform the job you’ve been offered.


No Stand-Down Period: You must not be subject to a stand-down period, which may require you to leave New Zealand.


Visas You’re Eligible for with an Accredited Employer Work NZ Visa

Depending on your specific circumstances, holding an Accredited Employer Work visa may make you eligible for various other visas, including:


Straight to Residence Visa

Work to Residence

Highly Paid Residence Visa

Care Workforce Work

Care Workforce Work to Residence Visa

Required Documents for an Accredited Work Visa Application

When applying for an Accredited Employer Work NZ visa, you’ll need to gather the following essential documents:



Your passport must be valid for at least three months beyond your intended departure from New Zealand.



You need to upload a photo that meets New Zealand’s photo requirements. It should be in JPG or JPEG format.


Police Certificate

If you plan to stay in New Zealand for more than two years and are older than 17, you may need to provide police certificates from your home country or other countries of citizenship.


Job Offer

You must have a recent job offer from an accredited employer, which includes a signed job offer, employment agreement, and job description.

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Evidence of Meeting Job Requirements

You must provide evidence that you meet the qualifications, work experience, and other requirements for the job offered. This may include original or certified copies of qualifications, NZQA recognition, and documentation of your work experience.


Occupational Registration (if required)

If your occupation requires registration in New Zealand, you’ll need to provide confirmation of your eligibility for registration and a certified copy of your provisional or full NZ registration.


Can I Spend Time Outside of NZ as Part of a Stand Down Period?

Some sectors in New Zealand allow employers to pay less than the median wage for certain roles and have specified stand-down periods. The length of the stand-down period varies depending on the sector. It’s important to check whether your role is exempt from paying the median wage.


How to Apply for an Accredited Employer Work NZ Visa

Follow these steps to apply for an Accredited Employer Work visa:


Receive a Job Offer: An accredited employer in New Zealand must offer you a job, along with a job description and employment agreement.


Complete the Online Application: After receiving the required documents from your employer, you’ll receive an email from Immigration New Zealand containing the link to the online visa application. Use this link to begin your application.


Upload Relevant Documents: Scan and upload the necessary documents in PDF format. Ensure your photo is in JPEG format.


Pay Required Fees: You can pay the application fee using Visa, Mastercard, or UnionPay.


Submit Your Application: Immigration New Zealand will guide you on any further steps or requirements. If your temporary visa expires while you’re in New Zealand, you’ll be issued an interim visa to stay legally.



Where to Find Genuine New Zealand Job Offers

Your job hunt starts with the right platforms. Look no further than these websites:

Common generic job sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Google Jobs, and more.

When applying, ensure your CV and cover letter match the New Zealand format and include relevant keywords specific to the job you’re interested in. On average, expect job offers within one to three months of applying.



Fees for an Accredited Employer Work NZ Visa

The application fee for an Accredited Employer Work visa is NZD $750, including the immigration levy. These fees are non-refundable. You can pay these fees as you complete your online application.


Processing Time for an Accredited Employer Work NZ Visa

The processing time for an Accredited Employer Work visa is typically around 49 days. You’ll receive a notification once your application is processed.


Duration of Stay with an Accredited Employer Work NZ Visa

With this visa, you can stay in New Zealand for up to three years if you are paid at or above the median wage. If your salary is below the median wage, your stay may be limited to two years. When your visa expires, you can apply for another type of visa or a different Accredited Employer visa with a higher salary.

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In-Demand Job Positions

New Zealand is actively seeking candidates for various job positions, including:


Farm-related jobs (e.g., fruit pickers, poultry farmers)

Teachers and educators

Construction workers

Butchers, hair-cutting professionals, and salon workers

Tech professionals (software developers, engineers, cyber security experts)

Machine operators

Delivery drivers

Sales and customer service executives

Maintenance and cleaning jobs

Receptionists and other hotel staff

Warehouse supervisors, workers, and cashiers

These positions offer competitive salaries and great prospects.


Bringing Your Family Along

With this visa, you can bring your immediate family members, including your spouse and dependent children. Your partner can also obtain a work visa, while your dependent children can receive student or visitor visas as needed.


Conditions of an Accredited Work NZ Visa

Once you receive an Accredited Employer Work New Zealand visa, you must adhere to certain conditions, including:


Applying for entry permission upon arrival in New Zealand.

Having multiple-entry conditions.

Working only for the specified employer, job, and location.

Studying for up to three months within a 12-month period.

Leaving New Zealand before your visa expires.

Can an Accredited Employer Work NZ Visa Lead to Residence?

If your job falls within the Green List, you can fast-track your path to residence or apply for residence after two years of working in New Zealand.


Studying on an Accredited Employer Work NZ Visa

You can pursue studies for up to three years in New Zealand within a one-year period. If your employer requires you to undertake additional study as part of your employment, they must cover the cost of such work-related study.


Supporting Dependent Children’s Visa

You can support your dependent child’s visitor or student visa if you earn a minimum of NZD $43,322.76 annually.


Types of Accreditations for Employers

Employers in New Zealand must go through a specific process to hire employees for the Accredited Employer Work visa. There are four types of accreditations available:


Standard Accreditation: For businesses employing up to five employees.

High-Volume Accreditation: For businesses employing six or more employees.

Franchise Accreditation: Suitable for franchise businesses with an unlimited number of migrant employees.

Controlling Third-Party Accreditation: For businesses that place migrants with third parties while being the direct employer. Also permits an unlimited number of migrant employees.

Criteria for Employer Accreditation

To apply for Employer Accreditation, businesses must meet specific financial requirements, which may include:


Having no financial losses over the past two years.

Maintaining a positive cash flow for the last six months.

Demonstrating sufficient capital or external investment to remain viable.

Presenting a credible two-year plan for business viability.

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If your business is a franchise or places migrants with third parties, additional criteria apply.


Applying for Employer Accreditation

Employers seeking accreditation must follow these steps:


Prepare Required Information: Gather necessary information, including a business IRD number, NZBN, and details of key personnel.


Complete the Online Application: Create or log in to a RealMe account and apply for “AEWV employer accreditation” on the Immigration Online dashboard.


Pay the Accreditation Fee: The fee varies depending on the type of accreditation you’re applying for.


Submit the Application: Once you’ve completed the form, submit your application, and await the processing.


Advertising the Role

Employers are required to advertise the job to check if there are suitable New Zealand citizens or residents available for the position. Exceptions apply for high-paying roles or occupations on the Green List. The job must be listed on a national website or channel for a minimum of two weeks within 90 days before your application. The advertisement should include specific job details, minimum and maximum pay, location, required qualifications, and pay rate information.



Job Check

The job check ensures that positions being filled meet various criteria, such as paying the market rate and complying with New Zealand’s employment laws.

Employers may be required to conduct a labor market test for certain positions, indicating that the role was genuinely advertised to New Zealanders, and no local candidates were available.

Positions paying 200% or more of the median wage are exempt from the labor market test, as are roles on skills shortage lists in cities that pay at or above the median wage. Find out more


Applying for a Job Check

After obtaining accreditation, employers must apply for a job check, which is valid for six months or until their accreditation expires. To apply for a job check, you need to provide a job description, an employment agreement, and results from any required advertising. Once the job check is approved, the migrant can proceed to apply for their Accredited Employer Work visa.


The New Zealand Accredited Employer Work visa is a fantastic opportunity for foreign workers to experience life and employment in New Zealand. By understanding the eligibility requirements, document requirements, application process, fees, and other relevant information, you can embark on your journey to work in this beautiful country. If you meet the criteria and follow the steps diligently, you’ll be well-prepared to obtain your Accredited Employer Work visa and explore the unique opportunities New Zealand has to offer.

Embarking on a journey to New Zealand through the Accredited Employer Work Visa is an exciting opportunity, with countless job openings and a streamlined application process. We wish you the best of luck with your application. Your adventure awaits!










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